The Kelmend region is home to some of the most impressive landscapes in the Albanian Alps. 8 days in the footsteps of Mary Edith Durham or Baron Franz Nopcsa or more recently the historian and journalist Indro Montanelli. To relive the same emotions of these explorers, adventure lovers are invited to discover unforgettable landscapes, uncontaminated nature, and the exploration of ancient traditions and customs…

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 Climb the peaks listed as being the highest in Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo. A trek for brave experienced people. The effort made will be rewarded by unreal landscapes in a natural and incredibly surprising setting as only nature can offer. A discovery trek that will also allow you to meet a population of mountain people from one of the oldest tribes in Europe, the Illyrians. Add to that a little Ottoman culture and let your emotions run wild.

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The Healing Valley trail is designed for explorers who wish to discover landscapes, biodiversity, tradition, food and to share a maximum of time with the local people from Dibër region. The trail will go through mountainous terrain belonging to the so-called “Shar Mountains”, the colorful mountains. These mountains host many glacial lakes, watermills, caves, canyons, springs, waterfalls, natural grassland and wonderful forests. Moreover, the itinerary crosses the lands where the Albanian National hero, George Kastriot Skanderbeg was born and raised which make the region rich in cultural heritage…

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